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Music Mentoring Program
To Finish Better Music, Fast.

A Proven System to finish amazing music, make it sound professional, and get it signed and supported by your favourite artist.

Step 1: Watch The Video to get acquainted

Step 2: Click Join Program” to apply

Labels We've released on:

Labels we've released on:

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We’re TRANSFORMING the music of producers,
following the most effective program ever designed,


Our music mentoring program teaches you:


✓ How to create an interesting song from start to finish

✓ The secrets behind mixing and mastering at a professional level

✓ Detailed plan to achieve your dreams of getting signed to your dream label, and supported by your favourite artists.

Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!


"I’ve literally taken all the main production programs on the market, but my music still wasn’t there yet. I joined the FBM program as a last hope, and it didn’t disappoint. Having a 1-1 mentor was the missing piece. I just recently signed a track to a massive label, Enormous Tunes."



"The FBM approach doesn’t just teach you how to use fancy plugins, they actually walk you through writing a song that people actually want to listen to. Nobody else is doing that."



"I’m always skeptical about giving people on the internet my hard earned money, but this was 100% worth it. I went from knowing little to nothing about writing music, to finishing 3 bad ass songs. I play them out every weekend, and they sound amazing."


The FBM Mentoring Program Is Designed To Optimize Your Entire Music Project

✓  Finish Amazing Music You’re Proud Of

✓  Achieve Professional Sound Quality

✓  Sign It To An Amazing Label

✓  Get It Supported By Professional Artists

In 12 weeks we’ll personally guide you, step by step,  to finish high quality music, fast, so that you feel proud of your music, get the satisfaction of sounding as good, if not better than your favourite artists, and confident about the future of your music career.

Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!
"Since the support from Malaa on my last track, things are getting crazy! So many bigger producers want to collab."

- Ossian Renard / Nesso 


With The FBM Program You Will Experience

✓  A fast and optimized workflow

✓  How to break through/eliminate writer's block

✓  Step by step instruction to finish a professional song

✓  An in -depth understanding of mixing and mastering

✓  Detailed Feedback to understand what your music needs in order to sound good

✓  Having a song you're proud of, that is interesting from beginning to end

✓  Walking through the world as a professional and respected music producer

Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!

Learn From Producers
Who Get Results

My name is Thomas Anthony and my entire life’s mission boils down to one simple goal: Help producers become the artist they are meant to be and how to enjoy every single step along the way.

The FBM Mentoring Program is our most robust, advanced and efficient program, paving the way towards realizing your music production goals. 

Three hard hitting phases designed to optimize your plan of attack, skyrocket your creative songwriting, and deliver a professional song that you feel proud of.

Thomas Anthony.jpg

Walk Through The World Feeling Like A Professional Music Producer

✓  Step by step guidance without searching the Internet and filter through confusing generalized advice.

✓  Detailed feedback to understand what your music needs in order to sound as good as professional artists.

✓  Ensured results so you can stop being rejected by labels and talent buyers.

✓  Master your workflow to finish better music in less time. 

✓  Boost your creativity to never experience producer’s block again. (Maybe Master Creative Referencing)

✓  No filling or fluff content so you can save time and focus on what’s important.

Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!
Roberto Turnone.png
We’ve charted every song we’ve put out on Beatport since finishing the mentoring program.

- Roberto Turnone / We Are Robots 


Imagine having 24/7 access to FBM coaches with a single focus:

Getting your music to a professional level!

Dude and Rocket Square-02.png

Joining our 12 Week Mentoring Program means signing on to work directly with  our elite coaching team during our 12 weeks together.

The results produced by our clients speak for themselves.
This is why we are confident we can over-deliver on the Music Industry’s biggest promise:

Our music mentoring program teaches you how to create an interesting song from start to finish, unveils the secrets behind mixing and mastering at a professional level, and gives you a detailed plan to achieve your dreams of getting signed to your dream label, and supported by your favourite artists.

Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!
Check out this legendary results after finishing the program:

- Ossian Renard / Nesso -
Bass House

"The mentors really give their all to help you achieve your goals. There are tons of ways to reach your goals, but having a mentor is definitely the best and fastest way to reach your specific goals. My songwriting is 10x better, and my tracks sound so much bigger and fuller."

✓  Single “My House” (finished in the mentoring program) streamed over 100,000 times

✓  Music featured and premiered on Malaa’s annual mix

✓  DJ support from Nicky Romero, Wax Motif, Tchami, Malaa & more


- Jaka Kral / Kral -
Tech House / Bass House

"This was one of the best things I’ve spend my money on in my entire life. It changed everything for me. Before the mentoring program, I always overcomplicated things. Now, I’m releasing the best track that I’ve ever made. My workflow is so much better. I’m so much faster."

✓  Over 2 million total streams across Spotify, Youtube, & Soundcloud.

✓  Single “Left 2 Right” (finished in the mentoring program) streamed over 100,000 times

✓  Music selected for Confession Official Mix

Nick De Grace.jpeg

- Nick De Grace / Initiate -
Electro House

"Taking this mentoring program was a major factor in getting my music to a caliber that got me signed to Monstercat. These guys know their stuff! Most production courses and programs focus on mixing and mastering techniques, but this one shows you how to make a killer song."

✓  Official remix for Monstercat Records

✓  Single “Play (Initiate Remix)” streamed over 200,000 times 

✓  Now makes extra income teaching mixing & mastering


You work at a massive record label, and get sent hundreds of demo submissions each week - what do you hear!?


Boring songs that typically aren't arranged, mixed, or mastered properly - these don’t even come close to making it past the first round of A&R.


FBM flipped sad guy.png

Now on the other hand, you hear songs, from producers/artists, who clearly have been making music for a while, but there’s just something is missing (their music doesn’t stand out.)

They have music that technically sounds “ok” - but, it doesn’t have that secret/special sauce to hook the listener in, and keep them interested.

Sure, these artists probably get props or pats on the back from their friends and family - but industry professionals aren’t playing their songs out, and record labels aren’t signing them.

Frankly, this is the level where most producers get stuck.


You see, the magic comes when you become a professional music producer because...

✓  You Tell Compelling Stories

✓  You create Themes & Hooks that are Interesting

✓  Your Arrangement is Captivating

✓  You do Thoughtful Instrumentation & Sound Design 

✓  Your Mix is Clear, Powerful & Balanced

✓  Your Master Sounds Amazing On Every System

FBM really eccited guy left.png
Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!

Why So Few People Can Really Make Professional Sounding Music?

Let’s be honest, creating an interesting song that sounds professional, isn’t easy! 


For years, this level of expertise was reserved for experienced musicians in a professional (and expensive) studio. You must achieve a few things in order to create this type of music: 

You must become skillful in all areas of songwriting (story, hook, harmony, melody, creative arrangement) to create a song that captivates the listener from start to finish (This is what 99% of producers are missing)

You must have an interesting song that captivates the listener from start to finish. Interesting story, catchy hook, creative arrangement (This is what 99% of producers are missing)

You must master the skill of mixing. Your mix should be clear, powerful and balanced (while still filling up all the required frequencies) 

You must be proficient at mastering so that your music sounds professional when it’s played on any type of system.

Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!
A three phase system for creating interesting and professional music, combining the best and the most effective elements of our production, strategy and planning process.

The goal is simple: Create an interesting an interesting song, you’re proud of, make it sound professional, and get it signed to a record label.


Phase 1: The Domination Plan 

✓  Create a blueprint to target major labels (and get signed)

✓  Develop unshakable mindsets & habits

✓  Become more productive, disciplined, and focused

Phase 2: Create Bad Ass Music 

✓  Learn the secret ingredients that go into an interesting song

✓  Develop a remarkable theme, hook, and arrangement

✓  Create an extraordinary song that will demand/command attention

Phase 3: Make It Sound Commercially Polished and Professional

​✓  Learn the process of professional mixing & mastering 

✓  Become confident with your mixing & mastering decisions

✓  Finish a song that makes you proud, and sounds professional

The three phases of The Mentoring Program works synergistically, getting your songwriting and production skills to the sharpest possible level.
Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!



✓  Step by Step Process


✓  Songwriting


✓  Optimal Workflow


✓  Production Resources 


✓  Time Management


✓  All The Secrets

✓  Direct Feedback


✓  Composition


✓  Sound Design


✓  Mixing & Mastering


✓  Mindset Training


✓  Access To Our Community

✓  Personalized Coaching


✓  Creative Arrangement


✓  Music Theory


✓  Marketing Advice


✓  Weekly Management


✓  Lifetime Access & Updates

Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!
"I just got word from the label. They couldn’t believe how full and clear the mix was! They signed my track right away"

Niccolo Messeri / 2Crimes 



Apply To The Program

Fill out the from and give us all the information we need to help your specific situation. 


Schedule A Free Strategy Session

We’ll look at you current situation, what you want to accomplish, and design a custom blueprint to help you bridge this gap.


Enrol In The Program

Begin your journey to becoming a proud and confident music producer.

Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!
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During The Free Strategy Session, We Will...

🍑  Provide personalized feedback on 1 of your songs

🍑 Analyze your production methods, and define any areas that need improvement

🍑 Answer any questions about your music production, or the mentoring program

🍑 Provide you with a custom blueprint to help you to finish better music

Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!
Why Does Our Program Work So Well?
There’s really no “secret” to it - the FBM team is simply hyper-attentive to details, and solely focussed on results. 


It all starts with the foundation – faulty system, faulty results. Starting with a proven game plan that our students have already successfully executed and gotten results with makes a big difference. Especially when you're just starting out in the music business world.



Instead of wasting weeks for the "perfect time to start", we make sure our students take action. Gaining momentum takes energy. Knowing that there's an early "phase of inertia" when you start something new, the key is to get the ball rolling fast, and keep the momentum.



People who are able to achieve long-lasting changes in their lives, do so because they have developed a tangible skill set above mere step-by-step-instructions that stop at any given stage. They can self-reliantly adjust to immediate changes in their environments.



You're going to be influenced by the people you spend the most time with. This is why it's much easier to make leaps and bounds when there's an active community of fellow successful music producers. Meeting like-minded people and getting help from an experienced coaching team is another plus.



We often deal with old, archaic thought patterns and limiting beliefs in ourselves that don't suit us as we're growing. Part of our job is to also deliver mental transformation and get you to the next level. Within a short amount of time, our students learn to think differently about the world, their business, and themselves.



We don't leave things "as is". The status quo is to be challenged. New methods are to be tested and observed in the real world before we present it to our students. New findings and better procedures are quickly implemented in order to be most up-to-date, so all of our trainings are continuously improved. 


Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!

Does Genre Matter?

Check out some of the music our Student’s have finished: 

✓  Bass House

✓  Tech House

✓  G-House

✓  Melbourne Bounce

✓  Slap House

✓  Mid Tempo

✓  Deep House

Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!


"This program has jump-started my music career. It had everything I needed to know. I no longer second guess myself when producing"



"The FBM approach doesn’t just teach you how to use fancy plugins, they actually walk you through writing a song that people actually want to listen to. Nobody else is doing that." 

NYK 1.jpg


Since finishing the program, I feel confident and empowered to make music in a way that I haven't before. It's completely changed everything about the way I make music. I 100% recommend this program to anyone who is looking to upgrade their production skills."

Music Producers Helping Music Producers
Meet Your Mentors:


  • 7 consecutive Beatport #1 Singles & Releases & over 30 chartings in the Beatport Top 100

  • 10 Million times across all platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.)

  • Official remixes for artist such as Snoop Dogg & Sofi Tukker

  • Signed record deals with Interscope, Confession, Mix Feed, Dim Mak, & Ministry Of Sound

  • Performed at major festivals, such as EDC Las Vegas & Burning Man



  • #1 Bass House Releases & #1 Tech House Releases on Beatport with "Burgers & Fries"​

  • Performed at major festivals such as Shambhala & ADE 

  • Co-creator of the funnest summer party in Canada, The Womp

  • Signed record deals with House Of Hustle, Lift Off Recordings, & G-Mafia Records and more

  • Degree in music production from Icon Collective.

Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!
Finish Better Music mentoring students will receive up to 50% off of software from the following companies:


100% Guarantee-01.png

✓  Lifetime Access + Updates 

You will have lifetime access & updates to all the program videos, and course material. We are constantly adding and improving videos to make sure that the quality of our program stays top notch. You will have access to all future content.

✓  Money Back Guarantee

Don’t like the program? Don’t think this will help you reach your production goals? Just show us that you watched all the videos, and did all the homework, so we can assess your progress and the possibility of giving you a full refund. We are confident in our program, so we want to eliminate any doubt on your end.

✓  1-1 Feedback & Support

Our team is devoted to your success. Get feedback and deep insight during our 1-1 sessions or WhatsApp Support. We are here to answer all your music production questions, in detail. 

Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!
  • Why do I have to fill out an application?
    We require you to fill out an application to see if you are a good fit for the program. We do not want everyone in the program -- some people do not belong in the program at all. We use the application to screen out these people.
  • Why do I have to schedule a call?

    Again, we do not just want anyone to be in the program. We also do these calls to see if your goals even match up with the program so you don't waste your time. Every call that we do we make sure that you leave happy and with some sort of value, even if you don't join the program. This is the FBM philosophy.
  • I don’t have any specific goals yet, should I join the mentoring program?"
    Absolutely. That's the whole point of the program. We help you discover and define what your goals are immediately upon joining the program. Even if you already have goals the FBM team is going to teach you how to reverse engineer them to success.
  • What if I’m not ready to improve my music yet?
    Honestly, you’ll never “feel ready”. Somewhere at sometime, it was perpetuated that there will be this magical moment in life and you’ll be immediately ready to start improving your life. That’s total bullshit. If you keep waiting for that moment, you’ll never be the producer you want to be. The time to improve is now. If you’re reading this right now then you know this to be true. Stop waiting for your perfect moment and start taking action now.
  • What if I want to do this without help / on my own?
    It’s great that you’re independent, but why would you not want help? People think being “Self-made” means not accepting any form of help from anyone. That’s absurd. What it actually means is “Becoming successful by your own efforts.” That means you put in the work, you take the action, but you have a guide along the way. It took Thomas 15 years, courses, programs, mentors, extreme trials and tribulations, elite connections, and tens of thousands of reference points to get to where he is now. 15 years is 5475 days. Do you want to spend that time to become the producer you want to be? Or would you rather do it in 12 weeks? The choice is yours, but if you’re reading this far you’re definitely smart and know the short route is the best option.
  • How long is the course / what’s the time commitment?
‍It's a 12-week, 90 day course where if you put in the work you will see results in 30 days or less. You shouldn’t need to put any more than 4-6 hours a week into this program (about 30 minutes a day).
  • How long before I’ll see results?
    If you put in the work, you will see great results in 30 days or less.
  • How much production experience do I need to join the program?
    The mentoring program is not for absolute beginners. It is for producers who have had 6-12 months of music production experience. But we do have a secondary program to start from scratch. Ask us about it.
Apply now and schedule your free strategy session!
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